Fun Fact:

A lot of music writers for world-renowned dance music publications do not have a degree in journalism! These roles are attainable through solid writing and extensive knowledge of dance music. Throughout this course, you'll learn basic journalism principles — the same ones taught in universities throughout the United States — like ethics, professional writing, and common journalism practices.

Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Jordan Mafi, curator for Beatport, former executive editor of NEST HQ, host of Insomniac Radio for EDC Las Vegas and HARD Summer, and freelance writer and PR coordinator for dance music artists around the world.

When I enrolled at San Diego State University at 16, I had one goal in mind: to be the editor of a world-renowned dance music blog. After I spent my undergraduate years sharpening my skills as a music writer and learning how to become a professional journalist, I received my bachelor's degree in journalism and immediately moved to Los Angeles to become the editor of Skrillex's NEST HQ. I created this course because I found that my university curriculum didn't prepare me for the world of dance music journalism and I had to learn what it takes to be an effective music writer throughout my journey at NEST HQ and as a freelance writer. Now, I'm sharing that knowledge with you — I'll teach you how to be a strong music writer, where principles like ethics come into play, the art of the artist interview, and so much more.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Access a comprehensive list of dance music outlets and my cheat sheet for brilliant dance music writing

  • Be well-versed in the many different genres and subgenres of dance music

  • Know how to start writing for a dance music outlet

  • Perfect your dance music curation skills

  • Pitch your stories to editors

  • Report on dance music news

  • Write excellent music reviews

  • Conduct a professional artist interview

  • Maintain your reputation as an established dance music writer

  • Edit, proofread, and fact-check your articles to perfection

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